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Hydrojet Cleaning In Adelaide

There is nothing that is more uncomfortable than having clogged drains in the home, at the workplace and other living spaces. This is because of effects such as bad odor coming from the drains, dirty water backing up into the house, and the fact that the clogs are breeding ground for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Clogged drains should, therefore, be cleaned as soon as they occur. One of the easiest and most reliable ways to deal with clogs is the use of Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning. Here is what you need to know about the process.

Why You Should Use Hydro Jet Cleaning

To start with, jet cleaning is one of the newest technologies that are in use in homes, apartment buildings, restaurants and cafeterias among other buildings. Drains that are not cleaned on a regular basis normally suffer from one problem, the fact that with time, debris will collect in the pipes and build up sludge. This sludge will get heavier over time and block the pipe completely. The problem with this build-up is the fact that an electric cable machine does not normally remove the sludge. So, in case you have had your drain snaked several times, but it is still blocking, you need to try the new and more effective method.

How Hydro Jet Cleaning Works

This process can be compared to power washing. The cleaning professionals use high-pressure streams of water to remove any materials that might be stuck in the insides of sewer lines and other drainage pipes. The machine is mounted on a truck or trailer and powered by a gasoline engine. It pressurizes water to about 400 psi. The professionals use a hose with a special nozzle that scrubs the insides of the pipe. The insides of the pipes are wiped clean of any stuck debris.

The Benefits Of Hydro Jet Cleaning

One of the main benefits of this cleaning method is the fact that all the debris that builds up inside drainage and sewer pipes is removed completely. Also, tree roots that may have started growing inside the pipes will be completely removed. This is, therefore, the simplest non-invasive process of dealing with clogged sewers.

The cleaning procedure will help you avert catastrophes such as sewer water backing up into the house and flooding the basement, water damage in the home and the health hazards that are linked to it.

Restaurants benefit a lot from this cleaning procedure. It is common for grease to build up quickly in restaurant drainage pipes. In some cases, restaurant sewer pipes start getting blocked after as little as 3 months. Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning will assure the restaurant owner that hygiene standards are maintained at the establishment.

As you can see, this method of cleaning up clogged drainage pipes is efficient, cost effective, non-invasive and very successful. As long as you get a reliable and experienced service provider to do the unclogging for you, you can be assured that you will be enjoying clean drainage systems for a long time.